Plant Maintenance

Did you know that plants in your workplace leads to

  • 15% increase in employee productivity and visible reduced stress levels
  • 20% decrease in indoor air pollutants and clenaer air leading to reduced sick days
  • 10% decrease in office noise leading to a quiter ork environment
  • 70% increase in attributed positive pereception of the office atmosphere

From Ideas to Installation!

We create a personalized greenscape plan for your space with our

🌱 Wide selection of planters

🌱Extensive list of indoor & Outdoor plants

🌱 Team of experts inclusing a Horticulturist & Landscaping Engineer

  • Understanding your requirements.

    We conduct a thorough study of your space design , space functions and interiors to understand yor needs.

  • Creating a Greenscape Plan.

    Our expert team curates a greenscape plan including planter and plants selection for your space.

  • Tailoring to your needs.

    We propose phases of installation , options for different budgets and rendered images to make sure that you have everything you need to make a decision.

  • Creating your green paradise!

    Upon completion, our team will proceed with the installation promptly and seamlessly.

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